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Ruth Garreta, Actress


From Vulnerability, improvisation and creative risk

"As an actress, I love to face challenges that put me in a place where, through exploration, I discover new artistic paths. I work fundamentally from vulnerability, improvisation, creative risk and emotional exposure."

Imagen de ruth garreta
¿Playa o Monte, obra de teatro, imagen de Ruth Garreta
Oumuamua 2.0

Through an unconventional language

Ruth Garreta graduated in Drama (Getxo Theater School) and Pedagogy of Drama (2002),  after finishing her studies she received an scholarship from the Marcelino Botin Foundation to further her training at the Philippe Gaulier International Theater School based in (Paris, France) 2005/2007. 

In 2022 she graduated  at the Central Film School (Madrid).

In 2016  she formed her own  theatre company, to create comedy shows. She has created "Rockpunzel", "El espejo Cónico", "Playa o Monte?", "Oumuamua 2.0” "El pajarito" and "La Pensionista". Giving space to contemporary shows, and encouraging the viewer to have an active role in them. Using non conventional languages and contemporary playwriters with whom she generates work synergies. Among her  influences are; clown, Buffon and physical comedy.

She has directed “EL Gran Dimitri” nominated for best circus show, “Boxette” Gazpacho Brothers , “Rockpunzel”, “ El espejo cónico”.  And she has been assistant director of Cal Mc Crystal in the show “Hienas Rellenas".

In 2021 she created with Javier Ariza and Alicia Trueba “ El conejo salvaje” company and a co-produced “La casa de los Dedos”, they performed in Palacio de Festivales (Cantabria) Aranda de Duero, Fundación Caja de Burgos, Teatro Tomás y Valiente (Fuenlabrada) and Veranos de la Villa (Naves del Matadero Español).

In 2021 she has received the award for best comedy show for “Oumuamua 2.0” and the award in the Festival Encinart.

In 2019 she wons the Award of Kontadores Gazte Zentroa which allowed  her to perform a short version of "¿Playa o Monte?".

Ruth garreta | theater


As an actress she  has worked internationally with the following shows «Abracadaver» by Untold Theater, directed by Aaron de Cashmaker (Cirque du Soleil). «The Postman» Directed by Michiko Miyazaki Gaulier. «Misunderstandings» Directed by Pedro Pires Pinto (Caravanne de Quartier). In Spain she has joined the Neo futurist company in the show «A brave attempt to represent 30 works in one hour» Directed by Sergio Maggiolo, «La casa de los Dedos» Directed by Aitor Basauri (Spymonkey), «Katia the Cat» Directed by Javier Ariza, «Playa or Monte?» Directed by Javier Linera.

In 2021,  she created with Javier Ariza  and Alicia Trueba “El Conejo Salvaje” a newborn theatre company.

In 2016 she formed her own company to create comedy shows.

Ruth garreta | Cinema


In cinema, she has worked with Mawaan Rizwan in  a leading role for “Paperboy” (London). “Coconut Milk” (London) by Jeroen Bogaert. “Take 22” (Madrid) Directed by Marina Aires, “Mirsad” (Madrid) Directed by José Luis Macerola. “The Prayer of the Desert” (Madrid) Directed by Jorge Juárez López. “And why are you there?” (Madrid) Directed by Eva Alonso and “An Impossible Proposal” in a leading role (Madrid) Directed by Jonatan Martín.

Ruth garreta | TELEVISION


“My life according to me” Directed by Tony A. Rodríguez. 

“Raphael a story of personal improvement”  As a Journalist.

“Escena de época”

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