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Ruth Garreta’s

Theater company

About the theater company
In 2016 Ruth Garreta formed her own theater company, to create comedy shows.

Ruth Garreta has the business mission of inspiring optimism in the audience by connecting with them through theater. The theater company is formed with the aim of offering the viewer a unique experience, encouraging the audience to play an active role in the story.

The plays chosen by the company always question gender roles in order to be transform. Because most women are still underrepresented and our aim is to give space for female roles. The the playwrights are always contemporary

About the plays

Influences: buffoon, clown and physical comedy to create from the stage game.


/ Rockpunzel

“Rockpunzel” performed entirely in English, has generated expectation and surprise. The audience understands the meaning of the show through music, film projections, and physical comedy.


/ Espejo cónico

Set in the American Civil War, this play is the story of a female family that reminds us of "Little Women" by L. M. Alcott. It manages to show us the real lives of the performers.A story of passions for which it is worth laughing and enjoy its positive message.


/ Oumuamua 2.0

Based on the story of Lucrecia. She is a fictional character, the grandaughter of Valentina Tereshkova, the first female civilian to travel to space. Lucrecia's journey is the journey of an anti-heroine, a flight attendant, in charge of crewing the first "low cost" expedition to the Oumuamua satellite to deposit a time capsule on it.


/ ¿Playa o Monte?

Contemporary dramaturgy and object theater, dance and visual poetry. The staging of the play has references to German post-expressionist theater. In other words, there is an ethical and aesthetic language in which the fable contains a clear message, which has to shed light to those women who went into exile.

Actriz de teatro España
Espejo Cónico, obra de teatro Ruth Garreta
Actriz de teatro


for the support

In 2019  Ruth Garreta won the Award of Kontadores Gazte Zentroa which allowed  her to perform a  short  version of “¿Playa o Monte?” In 2021 she received the award for best comedy show for “Oumuamua 2.0” and the  Jury Award in the Festival Encinart.

"El Pajarito" Playwright Carolina África. Synopsis: Two girls meet a little bird. We will see through their eyes the childish innocence and the instincts of life...
"La pensionista" Playwright Pilar Zapata. Synopsis: A woman goes to see her  social worker trying to find out the reason for the reduction in her retirement pension, but she receives an amazing proposal. Will she be able to do it?.

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